Alianza hosted a Fundraising &  Retirement Reception event in honor of Mr. David Rasul, Dean of Counseling at Sacramento City College. The contributions for the event went towards the first Alianza scholarship in honor of David Rasul’s scholarship for AB540 students.

In December 09, 2014 Alianza hosted its second fundraising event in honor of Dr. Rhonda Rios Kravitz. We were able to raise $500 and give out two scholarships to two AB540 students from Sacramento City College. Three Scholarships are awarded at each Beyond the Dream High School Conference.

ALIANZA offered 6 scholarships in the amount of $250 each to selected high school and college DREAMer student activists in honor of our documentary screening  “We are not strangers to this land: Untold stories of DREAMERS.”

Stay tuned for next application cycle.

Scholarship Recipients

Angelica Garcia

Angelica arrived in the US as an infant. She considers her Mexican heritage su “orgullo” (her pride). Due to her legal status, throughout her upbringing in this country, she suffered from discrimination, deprivation of opportunities, and hopelessness. However, her pursuit of a higher education has changed her life. She says: “I started Sac City and it has been a journey ever since, because I met such great mentors who took me right under their wing. They cared for me like family, and for that I am grateful, because without their support I wouldn’t have the “ganas” (drive) to make it.”

Karina Rios Lozano

Karina was born in Leon, Guanajuato, MX, but she grew up in Sacramento, CA. She grew up in a single-parent household, with three other siblings. Her mother has always been a role model for her, she says, “I love her and admire her.” She is a resilient individual who likes to get involved: “I’m greatly engaged in my community by educating the public about personality disorders, and eating healthy. I enjoy being part of Youth Voice in La familia Counseling Center. I have a massive ambition to educate people about domestic violence, and help those individuals escape from violent relationships.”

Beatriz Hernandez

Beatriz left her native Mexico to come to the US when she was 11 years old. Her goal is “to become a sociologist with a background on Global Studies, and aspirate to become a role model, an influence, and a motivation for young immigrant students.” Her aspiration and desire to receive a college education stem from the academic and economical challenges she has faced as an immigrant. “My journey as a dreamer has not been easy, but I have learned to use the resources… given me, to the best of my ability, to shape the future that I want. [Among] those resources is the Alianza community that has built a system of support for dreamers like myself. I would like to thank Alianza for choosing me as one of the winners of the Beca which will help me pay for books once I am in college.”

Mayra Montes

Mayra has lived in the United States for over 22 years. She is currently working on finishing her A.S. in Library and Information Technology at Sacramento City College. One of her greatest joys is her family that has always been there to support her, including her two children. “I am especially grateful for those individuals who have made it possible for me to see beyond my fears and insecurities as a migrant student, those who believe in us DREAMERS and in all the positive things we have to offer to our communities and to this country.”

Deisy Caro

Deisy is an undergraduate student, and future graduate students, at Sacramento State University. She will major in speech pathology and dreams of returning to her community in the Central Valley to establish her own practice and her help community members with the preparation her college education will grant her. “Although my undocumented status has been my biggest impediment to pursue higher education, it has also made me become resilient and stronger. I embrace my undocumented status and I will continue fighting for a change.”

Alejandra Serrano Rojas

Alejandra has faced many obstacles as an immigrant; coming to this country and coping with a new way of life in an unknown place—not knowing the language—was not easy for her. “My dreams have led me through paths in life full of obstacles that have made me stronger, determined, brave and persistent.” She wants to attend college to make her family proud and to show them their hard work was worth it “Rather than focusing on the negative, I have learned that my obstacles are helping me cultivate the strength I will need in the future to overcome any obstacles presented on my way.”