Beyond the Dream Conference

Beyond the Dream Conference is a community and student‐led college‐outreach event. Alianza collaborates with high school districts and communicates and builds partnerships with clubs,  organizations, California Student Aid Commission, Educators for Fair Consideration, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, and college faculty, staff in Sacramento and the surrounding regions to collectively host a college outreach conference for high school DREAMers and their families.



Our mission is to educate and empower young DREAMERS and their families by emphasizing the importance of higher education and creating awareness about the most current policies in immigration reform, which are connected closely to college entry and success.

The conference consists of innovative and comprehensive workshops (hosted by experts in the field) that inform and create space for dialogue. These workshops provide participants with accurate information on how to apply for college and scholarships, facilitate discussions on immigration policies, and provide hands‐on assistance that enable students, educators, and the community to communicate in a safe and open forum.

Project Goals/Objective

    • Provide students, educators, and the community with workshops that create awareness regarding immigration policies, AB540, CA Dream Act, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and #Health4All.
    • Provide students and their families a safe environment to express themselves freely about pressing issues in the community.
    • Provide students with support tools and information to successfully enter and complete higher education.
    • Establish partnerships with businesses, high schools, colleges, the community, and non‐profit organizations.